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Whether you're building your dream home, planning a vacation, or buying a new car, our loan team can help meet your needs.

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Steamboat WhistleJoin us on November 21st, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at the Town of Washington Pavillion for the inauguration of the Town of Washington's Steamboat Whistle and to witness its first official blow. Find more...



There’s a place where people stress over payroll, worry about bills, and lose sleep over the mortgage. It’s also a place where new businesses are formed, first homes are purchased, and kids are sent off to college. It’s a place we like to call, “the real world” — and if you live in this place, you’re going to need access to a bank that lives there, too. A real bank, for real people, just like you. 

At Washington State Bank, we understand the challenges of the real world, and for over 130 years we have provided the support, resources, and access needed to help families and businesses thrive – understanding that your future isn’t the result of luck, but rather, a well-thought-out plan.

And while we could easily rest on our long history of service, our experienced team of lenders and community banking experts continue to find new ways to meet the needs of those we serve. Today, we offer full-service banking with access to the latest banking technology and conveniences, all while still banking with people you know. And with seven locations around Acadiana, we’re always here to provide personalized service – whether it’s opening a new account, answering questions, or providing guidance on the best financial products for your needs. 

Washington State Bank. Your bank for life.

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